The Sinatra High Waisted Bottoms are a limmitted edition to the Pretty Pool collection! The style is classic. The fit is firm to ensure stability during wear. Good coverage on the bum. Made out of post-recycled polyester. 100% designed and made in Western Australia.

As always the prints and sizing are all limited edition 

Sinatra High Waisted Bottoms

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Freya Print
  • ** Due to the firmness of the recycled polyester - our sizes are true. If you border on a size we reccommend going one size up! Please contact us if you have any questions about our sizing.








    Australian size 8-10




    UK size 8




    European size 36




    US size 4




    Bust Size A-B








    Australian size 10-12




    UK size 10




    European size 38




    US size 6




    Bust Size A-B-C








    Australian size 12-14




    UK size 12




    European size 40




    US size 8




    Bust Size B-C-D