It starts with a location...

Seeing a location and just falling in love with it. Pretty Pool has done shoots at a number of public building as well as a abandon private property. We have also done shoots around Australia and around the world! It is truly an exciting and nerve-racking time leading up to a shoot hoping that the vision you create in you mind can manifest in reality!

And thankfully they all have!

This collection was all designed while travelling around in the USA. When I design prints I don't like to follow trends I like to be inspired by my surroundings and creating prints from things that people may not see.

This print was inspired by a trip of mine to New Mexico USA while on a hot air balloon ride. This was the original image of inspiration.

This print was inspired by a wall paper I saw in an old house while in the states.

I loved the colour way of this umbrella and wanting to do a print!

While in Chicago I admired the art deco styles that spread across the city and knew I wanted to do that style in a print.

Was in a little cafe in New Orleans and there was this cute table cloth with little blue flowers